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Hypnotherapy can achieve excellent results with physical alignments and pain management. It is an area I am very passionate about because of the potential Hypnotherapy has to offer.
The benefits are gained by stimulating your own natural internal healing. The results are rarely instantaneous however an improvement will be felt usually within a few days and then steadily improving from there.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be helped with just two sessions. The results I have experienced in my clinic are very positive. There is no need for a change of diet, Hypnotherapy does all the work for you. Listed below is a link to a Monash University study that backs up these results.
Monash University IBS Hypnotherapy Study
Pain Control is another area where results are very positive with a high success rate in reducing pain to manageable levels. Again normally only two sessions are required and the changes like IBS can be felt in a few days. There is a link below that will take you to a research paper by the Australian College of Applied Psychology around pain control and Hypnotherapy.
PACA Research Paper on Hypnotherapy and Chronic Pain Relief
Issues with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis even Warts can be relieved using simple Hypnotherapy treatments. 
The function of the Endocrine, Nervous, Digestive and Circulatory systems, and their relevant organs can all be improved using Hypnotherapy. The Immune system can be stimulated to fight infection etc on your behalf as well.
Sometimes our body's organs just get a bit lazy or don't function to their best which can lead to poor health and wellbeing.
Under hypnosis, your mind is asked to activate the body's natural healing ability towards the flagging organ or the relative system that oversees that organ. For instance, if your Thyroid is playing up then the Endocrine system is stimulated in the treatment.
Please give me a call on 0413 301 637 or email so we can discuss your issue and if Hypnotherapy can help you.
The initial treatment costs $100, then if necessary $80 per visit after that.