Self-Hypnosis, what is it?

My Self-Hypnosis recordings are around 15 minutes in length and start with me gently guiding to a nice calm relaxed state with the aid of some soothing background music, then into the nitty-gritty where through positive suggestions and or metaphors in a state of mild hypnosis I help you to re-program your thinking via your sub-conscious. With regular use, (normally 3 to 7 days) you will feel a positive change at which point you can then back off to once a week or even less just to keep you "topped up"

How long it lasts is relative to what's happening in your world. If you are in a positive frame of mind and surrounded by positive people the change will last a long time if not forever. However, if your self-talk isn't positive and you are surrounded by less than supportive people you can slip back to your old ways and need to use the recording on a more regular basis.

Our self-talk and what we hear from those around us is literally own our personal self-hypnosis. What we repeat to ourselves or is repeated to us by friends, co-workers or family becomes our personal self-hypnosis and ultimately our world.

So keep your self-talk positive and don't listen to anybody that is negative in their own outlook or advice and re-program yourself to your best advantage.

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