As an accredited Hypnotherapist, I have seen the challenges people face without an adequate stream of money in their lives.


Through no fault of your own, you can become "programmed" to think wealth and prosperity are just simply not yours. "Money doesn't grow on trees", "Money can't buy you happiness" "It's not our place to be rich" 


While it's true money can't buy you happiness life is so much easier and better with an abundant supply of wealth. Imagine how much nicer your life will be if money is never an issue.


The difference between a wealthy and a prosperous person and somebody struggling financially is simply their mindsets, their unconscious conditioning.


Now, I can help you achieve a Wealth and Prosperity mindset with my self-hypnosis recording from the comfort of your own home. 


I designed and wrote this recording myself. It will gently increase your prosperity mind-set so you will start to accumulate wealth in your life because as we think so it is. 


This recording has an amazing cumulative effect, listening to it every day will change you and your life for the better and you will quickly start to realise an abundance of wealth in your life.


I have experienced the benefits myself and seen the evidence in people I know who use it. Feel on top of the world, feel the positive impacts on your life and most importantly, your bank account.


I recommend that you use this with the "Taking out the Rubbish" meditation as it will help remove any negative blocks you have around money and wealth, which then paves the way for the positive changes that the Wealth and Propertity recording brings.

Gain that Wealth and Prosperity mindset at such an affordable price. If you are unhappy with my recording or feel it had no impact on your life, I'll give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 


Wealth and Prosperity Self-Hypnosis Download

$29.95 Regular Price
$19.95Sale Price

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