Live free from the constraints that are holding you back from living your best life.
Eliminate negative beliefs that are hindering your progress forwards.
With these MP3 self-hypnosis recordings, you can release those negative beliefs and replace them with new exciting beliefs that will help you start living the life you desire.
All it takes is twenty minutes a day to transform your life.
Be the person you want to be, succeed where you are now struggling, possess confidence, enjoy increased wealth and prosperity, delete the negative beliefs that have been controlling your life.
Act now and take control of your life and it's direction.
After training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I see the advantages of using self-hypnosis as a means of allowing a greater number of people access to the benefits of Hypnotherapy and its life-changing potential.
This drove me to start recording downloadable MP3's.  
I would recommend using the "Taking out the Rubbish" recording first, as this releases a lot of the negative programming around whichever area you are looking to improve. You may need to use this recording more than once to break free from the programming however you will feel the difference after each recording until there is no more to "let go" (have the issue on your mind as you start the recording).
I have had people tell me that they felt like they were literally ripping negative beliefs from their hearts while listening to Taking out the Rubbish. They felt lighter and more at ease after using the recording.
It is then much easier and quicker for the positive hypnotic suggestions in the Self Hypnosis recording to bring about the positive changes in your life you desire.
One piece of advice I can give you that will accelerate the change you desire is to write your goal (in present tense) on paper. I am a success at..., I am confident and believe in my ability, I am wealthy and prosperous, my business is a success, and so on and so on.
If you do this and speak your goal either to yourself or out loud if you can every day this will enhance the power of the self-hypnosis recordings and speed the process up many times over. (Also repeat the goal before and after each time you listen to your recording). By writing your goal it helps to "lock" it in your mind. 
I recommend the use of headphones for the best effect.
I can produce one-off personal recordings for your particular situation. Please contact me via the button below for an email interview to see if I can help and furnish a quote.
I wish you all the best and hope today is the start of a new life for you. (I will be adding to the inventory on a regular basis).