Self-Hypnosis recordings are a simple and inexpensive way of creating positive change in your life. 
You can use the recordings at your own pace and when convenient to you. Using the power of your mind to bring about the changes you desire.
Everyday life is continuously bombarding us with challengers which can sometimes be a little overwhelming, Self-Hypnosis is a great way to counter some of the issues that these challengers can create. 
Just choose the subject you need, download the recording, listen in a quiet place, and witness the changes to the way your mind functions and how you live your life.
All it takes is fifteen or so minutes a day to bring about positive change.
New recordings are being uploaded regularly.
A lot of the material in these recordings are from Dan Jones book "Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts"
The very scripts that I have had great success with, in my face to face clinic.
Many thanks to Omnititan Productions for their quality workmanship with these recordings.

Anxiety and Stress Relief Self-Hypnosis Download

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Relieve Anxiety and Stress with this self-hypnosis recording. Gently dissolve everyday struggles and worries. This recording has an amazing cumulative effect, listening to it every day will change you and your life for the better. Notice how you feel happier, more in control and watch for positive changes in yourself and your surroundings. I have experienced the benefits myself and seen the evidence in people I know who use it. Feel on top of the world again.

Based on a script from Dan Jones book 'Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Scripts'

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