Stop Smoking

Smoking always seemed a good idea at the time, "that's what everybody else was doing" "I looked cool with a smoke hanging out of my mouth" and on it goes.
I was the same, I started smoking in my earlier teens because my friends at the time all smoked, and I didn't want to be the odd one out.
Then a week later you're addicted, seemingly forever.

I used a Hypnotherapist to give up smoking years ago, it was such an easy process, I walked in a smoker and walked out a non-smoker. There was the odd time in the first week when I had an inclining for a durrie but it was never strong enough to give in to it. I have been smoke-free ever since.

The treatment I use with my clients is a mixture of metaphors, direct talk, and forward projecting, the forward projecting is important as the client gets to visualize themselves in the future smoke-free and positive about it.
All I ask is that the client be genuine in their desire to quit, without a heartfelt desire to stop the success rate is never as high. 

Give me a call if you which to discuss whether Hypnotherapy can help you to quit.
A treatment costs $80 and takes between an hour and an hour and a half.




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