Weight loss is another area that Hypnotherapy does have a good deal of success.
During the interview process, we will get to the bottom of why you are overweight. Is it emotional eating (comfort eating), eating the wrong foods (junk food), trance eating (eating for no reason) or just overeating (consuming too many calories).
It is important to establish the real cause, so the right treatment is used. This is not a one size fits all strategy.
The overall approach is three-pronged.
Firstly, instilling the motivation to do what it takes to lose the excess weight that you desire, this gives you the willpower to put in the hard yards in all areas to achieve success.
Secondly, from the initial interview, the appropriate treatment is used at this point to re-program the real cause.
Thirdly, more motivation, this time to perform the appropriate amount of exercise necessary to enhance the weight loss process. Exercise is so important in weight loss as it not only burns fat but also tones the body so it can look its best. (very important as we age)
The number of treatments needed varies from one to three depending on the extent of the weight needing to be lost and the individual.
The cost for a Weight Loss Session is $100 then $80 for any extra visits.
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