"Our thoughts possess the energy and power to create our present and our future"
Everything is energy, our thoughts are energy and continuously having positive expanding thoughts our lives can only get better and better.
If you desire a beautiful property, regardless of where you are living now just say to yourself "I am living in my dream home, where I am now is only temporary" Hold a vision of what that home will look like, "feel" like, embrace the happiness you experience with that vision.
What we think and say creates our reality, if you don't like where you are now in your life then shift your thoughts to somewhere that you do want to be, and the Universe, God, The Creator, your sub-conscious whichever you believe in with aid that thought and make it real.
Complaining and speaking negatively about your situation only gives that situation more power, you literally are creating more of the same. You are using your power to create something that you don't want.
Focus on thinking only positive expanding thoughts, meditate on your desired outcome. You and you alone are responsible for your situation, change your thoughts to change your life. 
You don't have to work every hour that God (my belief) sends to achieve the wealth you long for. There is more profit in thinking positive thoughts of wealth and prosperity in your life than slaving away day in and day out.
Obviously, you still need to move in a direction that will start the ball rolling so to speak but your thoughts are the catalyst for change.
Surround yourself with positive prosperous people, people who share a similar positive attitude. Share your energy with them, absorb their energy, create a positive environment for great things to grow.
Avoid people who don't share your positivity and outlook on life. Negative thoughts carry the same power as positive thoughts, you can easily absorb their negative energies by associating with these negative people.
Think strong positive thoughts, visualize the future you desire, and soon it will be yours.


Dr. Bruce Liptons "The Biology of Belief"
This is the first book I read that really opened my eyes to how "it" all works, it's an amazing read.
It's also available as an audible book here
Another favorite author of mine is Gregg Braden, like other authors that I follow he is an extremely genuine person with a desire to help as many people as possible.
He promotes ancient wisdom and lost methods of healing etc.
The Wisdom Codes is one of my most enjoyable reads.
Secrets of the lost modes of Prayer is another.



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